Delta Health and Safety is a leading provider of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in South Africa. Our company covers the entire range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) sourced from carefully selected suppliers who understand the need for quality and high performance products. We aim to create solutions and source the relevant products needed by each individual company.

There is no Price-Tag on Health and Safety


It’s not something that you should ever take a gamble on. The health and safety of your workforce is critical to the future of your business and the growth of your company.

Our 3M 8810, 8820 and 8710 respirators now bear the Proudly South African logo, and are manufactured in South Africa to the Quality Standards set by the SABS. Meeting these quality standards allows 3M to display the SABS mark of approval on the 8810, 8820 and 8710 respirators. So breathe a little easier, knowing that we have the ability to provide your workforce with the best in Health and Safety solutions.

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